Tree Seats
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Make your big tree
even more personal.


Tree seat.

If you have a small or big tree and want to make it even more personal for yourself, this tree seat is ideal.It can be built around any size of tree. You can choose the shape of the support legs, type of wood and finish (stain, wax, paint)

Starts from £500
This set

Price: Soft wood (pine, spruce, fir) £500, Green Oak £650


Tree swing.

Thanks to many ancient oak trees in the Sussex country side, a tree swing is a very popular thing. We can supply just the seat with personal writing and then you can put it anywhere in your garden or we can install the whole thing.

Before we create your swing we would ensure that your tree has a strong safe branch for installation.

Starts from £30
This set

Price: Seat £30

Fixings: £20 Depends on length and style (hemp or polypropylene rope)

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