Green Oak Furniture.

Traditional English green oak furniture
with its own story.


Green oak furniture

Green oak furniture is traditional English furniture and is the height of fashion. It has a low environmental impact but what’s more it will very quickly become a unique and personal piece of your furniture.

Green oak creates its own character depending on its environment, therefore you can choose if you want the timber to be stable and keep its shape as new or it can age quickly and look like you have had it for decades. Any shapes and sizes can be made from green oak. We are always happy to help out with your designs.

Starts from £2000
This set

1x table 90cm x280cm
4x bench 140cm x 40cm
Starts from £2000

This set

Dimensions: 120cm x 300cm


Green oak table

If you want furniture with its own story we can help you achieve it. Wood for this table was sourced from a local garden which we had milled into suitable boards. The same method can be used with wood from trees grown in your own garden. So, if the tree needs to be felled for any reason it is still possible to use the wood to create a piece of furniture to celebrate the life of your tree.

This is a perfect example that green oak can be used for modern style furniture. This table consists of a soft wood construction and is cladded on top with green oak boards. It is very heavy and needs to be assembled on site. Can be made with benches as well.

Starts from £3000


Green oak
coffee table

This is a nice little touch to your special garden place. A table like this enhances a special place in your garden for a picnic, cup of tea or dinner. If you have such a spot in your garden we can create anything to make it even more special for you by adding a table, seat swing, chair or anything which will help you enjoy the area even more.

Starts from £500
This set

Dimensions 50cm x 120cm

Price starts from £500

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