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Outdoor Party Place

Sometimes people want things to blend in with a particular area in your garden or woodland. This little party forest escape was made from raw material and we used lots of wood from the forest. When you light fires during warm summer evening this place changes in to a magical wonderland.

Custom pricing

Subject to scale of work


Can be made anywhere, need to be assembled on site


Basic models start from £2000, but the price is subject to size, position and purpose.


Garden shed

A garden shed can be built for any purpose you like. Simply as storage, spare room, workshop or den. All our sheds have a good solid structure, can be insulated, fitted with electrics, double glazed windows. Plus we can help you furnish and decorate the interior. If you only require storage we can custom build shelves for efficient storage.

Starts from £2000


Log storage

Simple soft wood structure with boarded roof and felt. Very efficient way how to store logs for winter time

One bay £350

Price will depend on scale of construction.

This set

Dimensions: One bay 2x2 meters

Other shapes and sizes available.

This set

L: 600cm
W: 400cm


Lean too
dog kennel

A Lean too is a great option how to get any extra space needed. It is connected to an existing building and provides plenty of space for your fur babies. Depending on the purpose of your lean too will depend on what materials are used for base, material, cladding and roof cover.

Custom pricing

Price depends on the scale of build.


Green oak
treasure chest

Toy box, clothes storage, or lounge feature for your home. This treasure chest can hold any treasures you like. It is made from reclaimed oak, but any material can be used. It has a platform with wheels so even your little ones can move it easily.

For safety, we install soft closing hinges, finger stop and a key hole which provides a necessary air supply during hide and seek adventures.

Starts from £500
This set

Dimensions: 80cm(L) x 40cm(W) x 60(H when closed)


Floating Duck house

Floating duck house can transform your pond in to a garden feature. It gives the duck a safe environment to breed and protection against predators. It can be painted any colour you like or left to naturally grey out.

Starts from £500

Lot of shapes and sizes available, depending on your desired look.


Cedar shingle roof

Cedar shingle is a great option how to bring to life an old roof on a shed, gazebo or garage. It lasts long time thanks to the high content of natural oil and it looks great.

Custom pricing

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